Thursday, October 3, 2013

Is this the IRON-Y?

Which IRON is your favorite?

I just read a review by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness (LOVE her) on the SEWMAMASEW blog (love her, too) and had to respond to her request to link back (hope I can do this) with my answers to her questions:

1. What brand of iron do you use? How much did it cost (approximately)?
I had a median priced iron that crapped out right in the middle of a store sample project.  I ran over to (dare I say it?) Wal*Mart to pick up a quick replacement.  I bought the most expensive model they had on hand about $45.00.  A General Electric Model made for Wal*Mart in China.  I thought if it lasted 6 months I would get my money's worth since I make class and store samples for my LQS, Quiltique in Henderson, NV.

2. Do you use steam or no steam?
Both but steam most often.

3. Do you use a pressing cloth? Wet or dry? Dry when needed. And when fusing I use a Teflon sheet.

4. Do you use spray starch? I use Mary Ellen's Best Press when piecing bias shapes and to press after washing.  Mary Ellen is my BFF!

5. Do you use any tools (to open seams, etc.)?  My very worn out fingers!

6. Do you use your iron differently when you’re quilting than when you’re sewing? Yes, especially when making bags.

In  addition, I have to say that the sole plate on this GE iron is too rounded at the front.  I like the Rowenta for its pointy tip.  I have a Rowenta travel iron and am on my third one.  The first two failed but when I called Rowenta the automated answer-er gave me their local repair shop and I sent each to them.  I received a new iron in each case from Rowenta within a couple of weeks.  This last one seems just fine.

The GE is also very heavy but slides easily and presses flat with just steam.  It has an adjustable steam setting and lighted electronic fabric settings.  Cotton is blue.  Sure glad I like blue.  It has an automatic shut off but it is more like a standby and reheats very quickly.  

I think when this one goes I will try the German-made Rowenta.  I have heard the Chinese-made ones are not as reliable.  Speaking of Reliable, that is another possibility.  I will look into it.  However, this cheap Wal*Mart GE funky iron has been running like a top for two years and more.  It may never die.

So, Sara, I thank you for your research and here is my answers to your questions.  Have fun and I'll post again when the GE gives up the ghost!

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  1. How fun that you work at Quiltique! I went to Fabric Fest and bought quite a few goodies from your store. I wish I could have visited it in person.

    I have a Rowenta and love it. It's nice to read your review. I am always curious about which iron is best, especially after trying the Oliso at FF. I've seen Reliable mentioned several times. Have to check it out...